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Wivoda Consulting is a consultancy based in Hibbing, MN.  We specialize in Healthcare IT (HIT) Consulting, Innovation Process Consulting, and Small Business IT Solutions.  We serve clients in Minnesota and the Midwest. 

Strategic IT Consulting

Information Technology should improve your business, not get in its way.  When technology is viewed as a business enabler and transformer you get results that improve your bottom line.  Our approach is to consider your mission, vision, values, and overall business strategy and develop an IT plan that supports your goals.  We can help with selecting applications, contract negotiations, RFP creation, implementation, and other strategic IT efforts.  Don't let your information technology be confusing, expensive, or frustrating!

healthcare IT

Healthcare is currently experiencing the IT revolution that most other industries went through in the 1990's.  Clinic Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have become commonplace and nearly every Hospital is either selecting, implementing, or using an EHR.  With the federal government offering attractive incentives to hospitals and clinics that are using an EHR meaningfully, there is plenty of incentive to put an EHR into place.  Wivoda Consulting can help small and medium hospitals and clinics plan, select, implement and support EHR, Lab, Radiology, and billing systems.

Wivoda Consulting has deep experience in IT leadership at hospitals and clinics as well.  Why hire a full-time CIO when you don't need one full-time?  We can provide you with a seasoned CIO when you need them, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

innovation Process

"Innovate or die" is the mantra, but how do you embed innovation into your company?  Innovation is a process that can be planned, learned, supported, and nurtured.  We work with you to determine the cultural shifts that your organization needs and provide tools that are appropriate for your industry and organizational culture.  There is no "magic bullet" for fostering innovation at every organization, but we can get you on the path to making innovation a core function of your company. 

small business IT

Small business needs IT just as much as large business.  In fact, advanced IT systems have become affordable for any business.  We work with small businesses to provide complete IT systems to manage their business.  IT should not be just a "cost of doing business", IT should make your business more profitable.  We can show you how!